Jon C. Hunt(sman)

Really stupid headline, but not as stupid maybe as Jon Huntsman coming out as the rational candidate for the Republican nomination.  It’s nice to think that someday I can actually have a choice in which side to vote for.  In this case, if Huntsman wound up actually being the one non crazy in the bunch and through a miracle on the size of the burning bush, the Red Sea parting or the creation of the universe won the nomination I would have to ask myself this question. Do I vote for the guy who I agree with almost 100% of the time but can only get 25% of it, or do I vote for the guy who I agree with 33% of the time and can actually get all of it?  Through the circumstances he was handed on his election to office, the absolutely batshit political opponents who have crawled out from under rocks, and his own inherent cautious personality Obama has been a tad bit on the disappointing side.  While he has secured the health bill, most of it doesn’t go into effect for another three years and it occupies the warm mushy center where it kinda does some things okay rather than a few things well.


Anyway, I introduce.  Jon Huntsman.  Former Governor and Ambassador, dweeb and the only non crazy rational candidate on the right.


~ by oxsteam on August 21, 2011.

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