Weird things come out of me.

Going through a box of old fiction writing I found the below. It was a writing assignment. I’m sure the parameters of the assignment did not expect this.

The Woman

After cursing the unexpected appearance of a hiker in the valley below her secluded mountain home, Xera spun at the sound of a car coming up with road. Her brow crinkled and eyes narrowed at the sight of a beaten mid 70’s Sedan with Jack Palance behind the wheel. Blood began to flow from her hands as she finger nails pressed into her palms in an ever tightening fist. A terse order failed to mobilize the marble statue of a doberman into the attack. The car stopped and revved its engine. She could see Jack’s white teeth shining in a broad smile filled with hate and loathing. He wanted his revenge. The car leapt forward and she leapt from the porch as it crashed into the front of the house. The sound of small explosing signalled that her head had safely ejected from her body. Her head shot out over the mountains and trees as bullets rupped the air about her.

I suppose I had seen The Fisher King recently.


~ by oxsteam on August 31, 2011.

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