I am an avid follower of blogs where people document the complete 180 they with their recently purchased run down foreclosure. I always wondered how they could blog so much and do so much work and most importantly, where did they get all the money to do those things?

When I first moved into my house I decided that since it was my house I would be rash and unpredictable. These two things combined generally lead to stupidity much like commercial where the new homeowner opens all the doors and windows, turns the AC on full blast and calls his dad. You go girl! You showed your old man.
While I wasn’t trying to get back at anyone, I did something just as stupid. I painted the room orange. A bright orange. The kind of orange that when the evening sun came through the window glowed radioactively. For the last nearly six years that room was occupied by my roommate Katie. Katied claimed to actually like it, but I think she was stoned most of the time so she probably thought she was encapsulated inside a sweet sweet orange.
This is the room.

Sucks pretty bad, no?
This shall not stand! After thinking about the massive amount of money I needed to do everything from replace the baseboards, redo parts of the floor (a hasty badly done job), paint, etc. I decided to actually RESEARCH how much I needed to spend to make over the room. It was not as much as I thought it would be. Rather than some imaginary number like a thousand dollars I discovered that it was less than 300.

Wall Rollers $5.00
Ceiling Roller $5.00
Color Paint (gallon) 3 $60.00
ceiling paint 1 $20.00
flooring (box) 2 $60.00
Nails (for gun) 1 $20.00
Glossy White 5 $25.00
Rubber Mallet 0 $0.00
Tapping Block 0 $0.00
Blinds 1 $50.00
Paint Brushes 0 $0.00
Mixer bit 1 $9.00
Chaulk 2 $10.00
Tape 2 $12.00
Undercut Saw 1 $20.00

Many of the things I had on my list I discovered I actually owned and wouldn’t need to buy.

So I give myself a month to actually get everything done. Trying to pull up the floors without destroying them is the one tricky part though. This could spiral out of control just like those shows on DIY.


~ by oxsteam on September 1, 2011.

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