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I am an avid follower of blogs where people document the complete 180 they with their recently purchased run down foreclosure. I always wondered how they could blog so much and do so much work and most importantly, where did they get all the money to do those things?

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Weird things come out of me.

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Going through a box of old fiction writing I found the below. It was a writing assignment. I’m sure the parameters of the assignment did not expect this.

The Woman

After cursing the unexpected appearance of a hiker in the valley below her secluded mountain home, Xera spun at the sound of a car coming up with road. Her brow crinkled and eyes narrowed at the sight of a beaten mid 70’s Sedan with Jack Palance behind the wheel. Blood began to flow from her hands as she finger nails pressed into her palms in an ever tightening fist. A terse order failed to mobilize the marble statue of a doberman into the attack. The car stopped and revved its engine. She could see Jack’s white teeth shining in a broad smile filled with hate and loathing. He wanted his revenge. The car leapt forward and she leapt from the porch as it crashed into the front of the house. The sound of small explosing signalled that her head had safely ejected from her body. Her head shot out over the mountains and trees as bullets rupped the air about her.

I suppose I had seen The Fisher King recently.

World Domination

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Stay tuned for further information concerning Phase I of my plans for World Domination, codename Fairy Dragon Dojo (TM).


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I do way too much porn surfing in my life.  Unfortunately, it’s not the good, free kind.  My porn surfing involves real estate porn, shopping porn and DIY porn.  Luckily for us denizens of the digital era we a place where we can all of that without breaking much of a sweat.  The Remodelista Newstand.   Ok, there’s no real estate porn there, but Zillow is only one save favorite link click away.


Jon C. Hunt(sman)

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Really stupid headline, but not as stupid maybe as Jon Huntsman coming out as the rational candidate for the Republican nomination.  It’s nice to think that someday I can actually have a choice in which side to vote for.  In this case, if Huntsman wound up actually being the one non crazy in the bunch and through a miracle on the size of the burning bush, the Red Sea parting or the creation of the universe won the nomination I would have to ask myself this question. Do I vote for the guy who I agree with almost 100% of the time but can only get 25% of it, or do I vote for the guy who I agree with 33% of the time and can actually get all of it?  Through the circumstances he was handed on his election to office, the absolutely batshit political opponents who have crawled out from under rocks, and his own inherent cautious personality Obama has been a tad bit on the disappointing side.  While he has secured the health bill, most of it doesn’t go into effect for another three years and it occupies the warm mushy center where it kinda does some things okay rather than a few things well.


Anyway, I introduce.  Jon Huntsman.  Former Governor and Ambassador, dweeb and the only non crazy rational candidate on the right.

Here we go again

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Here I am.  Why am I doing this?  Do I really need to communicate my thoughts and feelings, the trivial details of what is in the grand scheme of things a trivial life, in a form longer than a Facebook status or a Like button?  I tried some form of blogging years ago on a long forgotten artifact of 21st century digital waste called MySpace.  Other than drawing comparison between Garfield, the Klan, Ann Coulter and that band that sings about self righteous suicides (I hated them so much I’m relieved to find out I don’t remember their name) I have not made much an attempt to “go out there” and fill the imaginary space that is the digit universe.  I think what made me want to finally do this is that everything here will be forgotten, if it’s ever noticed at all.  Anything I write won’t be catalogued and cross indexed in some future anthropologist’s paper (what will they publish with in a thousand years?) describing in general fashion about the state of mind of the early 21st century’s denizen.

That seems to make to worthwhile to me.

So what will I write about?  I have no idea.  I’m sure they’ll be some home improvement articles, and links to videos I find amusing or horrendous or sublime.  They’ll probably be some dog pictures, some pictures of me and my friends, and an occassional late night drunken post about the dire situation of some aspect of the world that no one will remember in ten years.  Who knows.

So here we go.  Maybe I’ll get something up later today or maybe this will the only thing I post.  My main interest is to find out if this holds any interest.  I’ll probably become addicted to it.

Oh and that band’s name is System of a Down.  Some things just don’t get forgotten like they should.

A little funky Japanese fun from Soul Train for your Sunday.